MCQ Exam Questions on Pattern and Layout of Clothing - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ Exam Questions on Pattern and Layout of Clothing - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. What is bulk manufacturing of readymade garments with standard measurement?
    (A) Pattern
    (B) Mass production
    (C) Pattern making
    (D) Pattern drafting

2. What is known a wedge shaped?
    (A) Panel
    (B) Gore
    (C) Yoke
    (D) Notch

3. What is the name of length wise grain?
    (A) Weft
    (B) Warp
    (C) Bias
    (D) True bias

4. What is pattern grading process?
    (A) Increasing the measurement
    (B) Increasing or decreasing the shape
    (C) Increasing or decreasing the size
    (D) Decreasing the measurement

5. Which sleeve is a variation of bell sleeve?
    (A) Bishop sleeve
    (B) Circular sleeve
    (C) Puff sleeve
    (D) Plain sleeve

6. What is the amount of excess or space between dart legs called?
    (A) Bust point
    (B) Dart point
    (C) Dart legs
    (D) Dart intake

7. Which is the commercial pattern?
    (A) Standard patterns
    (B) Individual patterns
    (C) Ready-made patterns
    (D) Manual patterns

8. What is the name of marker prepared on the fabric?
    (A) Pattern marker
    (B) Fabric marker
    (C) Paper marker
    (D) Computerized marker

9. Which one is a bifurcated garment?
    (A) Pants
    (B) Skirt
    (C) Frock
    (D) Kameez

10. What is the enhancement given to the garment for its good appearance?
    (A) Placket
    (B) Cuff
    (C) Collar
    (D) Lapel

11. What is the purpose of markers?
    (A) Pressing
    (B) Finishing
    (C) Stitching
    (D) Cutting

12. Which one is pattern making tool?
    (A) French curve
    (B) Steam iron
    (C) Cutter
    (D) Seam ripper

13. What is the name of joints spine, ankle and wrist?
    (A) Gliding joints
    (B) Ball and socket joints
    (C) Hinge joints (Elbow)
    (D) Hinge joints (Knee)

14. What is warp grain?
    (A) Cross wise grain
    (B) Length wise grain
    (C) Bias grain
    (D) True bias grain

15. Which fabric design is consumed more fabric for layout?
    (A) Plain fabric
    (B) All over design fabric
    (C) White poplin fabric
    (D) One way design fabric

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