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Handwork on Clothing - Textile and Handwork MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Which stitch is used on raw edges either single or double to prevent them from fraging?
    (A) Tailor's tacks
    (B) Hemming
    (C) Over casting
    (D) Back stitch

2. Which material is not a part of first aid kit?
    (A) Sticky tape
    (B) Scissor
    (C) Sutures
    (D) Antiseptic cream

3. Which fabric is necessity to winter wear?
    (A) Cotton
    (B) Wool
    (C) Kapok
    (D) Linen

4. How is CAD used in the fashion industry?
    (A) Create design
    (B) Create sample
    (C) Create stitch
    (D) Create symbols

5. What is the important of taken the body measurements?
    (A) Fullness
    (B) Good finishing
    (C) Well-fitting
    (D) Easily drafting

6. Which is the fibre from plants?
    (A) Wool
    (B) Nylon
    (C) Cotton
    (D) Polyester

7. Which material is used to make natural fabric?
    (A) Staples
    (B) Plastic
    (C) Fibres
    (D) Glass

8. Where the pull, aim, squeeze, sweep technique is used?
    (A) Fire accident
    (B) Fire alarm
    (C) Fire extinguisher
    (D) Electric accident

9. What is the main role of the cloth?
    (A) Function
    (B) Protection
    (C) Technology
    (D) Shelter

10. Which yarns are parallel to selvedge?
    (A) Weft
    (B) Warp
    (C) Grain
    (D) Bias

11. What is the purpose to decorative function of the clothes?
    (A) Safeties
    (B) Styles
    (C) Individual touch
    (D) Process

12. Which fabric is necessity to summer wear?
    (A) Nylon
    (B) Cotton
    (C) Acrylic
    (D) Polyethylene

13. Which measure take on back from nape to waist?
    (A) Natural waist
    (B) Full length
    (C) Sleeve length
    (D) Knee length

14. Why pressing is important process during and after stitching?
    (A) Attraction
    (B) Beauty
    (C) Remove wrinkles
    (D) Smoothed

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