Textile and Handwork Multiple Choice Quiz Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Textile and Handwork Multiple Choice Quiz Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which made on yarn will be stronger and will produce smooth - surfaced to the fabrics?
    (A) Twists
    (B) Staples
    (C) Quality
    (D) Longer

2. Which is the temporary stitch?
    (A) Running stitch
    (B) Uneven basting
    (C) Back stitch
    (D) Pick stitch

3. What are the basic necessities of human life?
    (A) Food, Shelter, Clothes
    (B) Food, Education, Clothes
    (C) Comforts, Food, Shelter
    (D) Education, Comforts, Clothes

4. What is the total value of 1 meter + 1 inch?
    (A) 102.45 Cm
    (B) 102.54 Cm
    (C) 104.54 Cm
    (D) 106.54 Cm

5. How the rectangular interlacing of yarns is called?
    (A) Warping
    (B) Weaving
    (C) Sewing
    (D) Threading

6. Which measure is taken from neck point to waist line up to the desired length garment?
    (A) Full length
    (B) Natural waist
    (C) Sleeve length
    (D) Across chest

7. What is the purpose of fish bone stitch?
    (A) Large motifs
    (B) Scallop
    (C) Filling
    (D) Thread mark

8. What is the classification related of sewing needles?
    (A) Strength and long
    (B) Length and thickness
    (C) Stiffness and long
    (D) Shank and long

9. What is called of Rectangular Interlacing yarns?
    (A) Weaving
    (B) Knitted
    (C) Non-woven
    (D) Stain weave

10. What is PPE in safety?
    (A) Production Protective Equipment
    (B) Physical protective Equipment
    (C) Personal Protective Equipment
    (D) Protection Practice Equipment

11. Which type needle is used for example in blind stitch machine?
    (A) Sharp
    (B) Curved blades
    (C) Ball points
    (D) Cutting points

12. Which yarns are perpendicular to selvedge?
    (A) Warp
    (B) Grain
    (C) Weft
    (D) Bias

13. Which stitch is worked from right to left on the garments?
    (A) Temporary stitches
    (B) Permanent stitches
    (C) Embroidery stitches
    (D) Decorative stitches

14. What are the two basic classes points of the needle?
    (A) Round points and cutting point
    (B) Round points and heavy-set point
    (C) Round points and set cloth points
    (D) Round points and medium ball points

15. Which types of fabrics do not have grain?
    (A) Woven fabric
    (B) Twill weave fabric
    (C) Non-woven fabric
    (D) Plain weave fabric

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