Handwork on Textile Works Objective Type Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Handwork on Textile Works Objective Type Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which type of costumes worth by organization people?
    (A) Traditional
    (B) Casual
    (C) Formal
    (D) Uniform

2. How many dimensional views to use for dress form?
    (A) One dimensional
    (B) Two dimensional
    (C) Three dimensional
    (D) Four dimensional

3. Which is related name of staples?
    (A) Natural fibres
    (B) Man hole fibres
    (C) Synthetic fibres
    (D) Inorganic fibres

4. Which stitches is used in caats to hold the lining and inner lining?
    (A) Even basting
    (B) Padding stitch
    (C) Back stitch
    (D) Pick stitch

5. Which skills are needed to set up your own tailor or production unit?
    (A) Communication and leadership
    (B) Negotiation and Communication
    (C) Estimate materials and calculate costing
    (D) Costing and Leadership

6. What is the aim of first aid?
    (A) Cleaning
    (B) Health care
    (C) Promote recovery
    (D) Safe furniture

7. Which is manmade fiber?
    (A) Cotton
    (B) Silk
    (C) Wool
    (D) Polyester

8. Which is middle part of hand sewing needle?
    (A) Eye
    (B) Tip
    (C) Point
    (D) Stem

9. What is the function of cutting point needle?
    (A) Sewing to leather
    (B) Sewing to woven fabrics
    (C) Sewing to knitted fabrics
    (D) Sewing to button hole

10. Which fibre is manufactured from stem?
    (A) Coir
    (B) Jute
    (C) Asbestos
    (D) Armid

11. Which types of button hole is used for coat buttons?
    (A) Worked button hole
    (B) Bound button hole
    (C) Corded button hole
    (D) Key hole or fan

12. What will you do before oiling, cleaning or adjusting sewing machine?
    (A) Switch off
    (B) Unplug
    (C) Switch on
    (D) Main off

13. Which is the example of twill weave fabric?
    (A) Linen
    (B) Brocade
    (C) Denim
    (D) Cotton

14. Which types of weaving example to muslin or taffeta?
    (A) Twill weave
    (B) Stain weave
    (C) Plain weave
    (D) Mat weave

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