Building Construction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 16 - ObjectiveBooks

Building Construction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 16

Practice Test: Question Set - 16

1. Nogging of a common wooden partition is
    (A) Upper horizontal wooden member
    (B) Lower horizontal wooden member
    (C) Intermediate horizontal wooden member
    (D) Vertical wooden member

2. Which one of the following factors is considered for the orientation of buildings?
    (A) The direction of the prevailing winds in the area
    (B) The exposure of the walls and roof of the buildings to the rays of sun
    (C) The extent up to which the sunrays penetrate with the verandah
    (D) All the above

3. To construct a 10 cm thick partition wall, you will prefer
    (A) English bond
    (B) Flemish bond
    (C) Header bond
    (D) Stretcher bond

4. The strength of brick masonry in 1:6 cement mortar, is
    (A) 20 tonnes/m2
    (B) 40 tonnes/m2
    (C) 50 tonnes/m2
    (D) 60 tonnes/m2

5. The form work from the sides of beams can be removed only after
    (A) 1 day
    (B) 4 days
    (C) 7 days
    (D) 14 days

6. For brick construction, the lime-sand mortar, is
    (A) 1 : 1
    (B) 1 : 2
    (C) 1 : 3
    (D) 1 : 4

7. The least bearing capacity of soil is that of
    (A) Hard rock
    (B) Moist clay
    (C) Soft rock
    (D) Coarse sandy soil

8. The maximum permissible differential settlement, in case of foundations in clayey soil, is usually limited to
    (A) 10 mm
    (B) 20 mm
    (C) 30 mm
    (D) 40 mm

9. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) English bond is used for brick masonry to support heavy loads
    (B) Double-Flemish bond is suitable for brick masonry to give uniform face appearance
    (C) The stretcher bond is used for the construction of half brick masonry brick
    (D) All the above

10. The black cotton soil
    (A) Undergoes volumetric changes
    (B) Swells excessively when wet
    (C) Shrinks excessively when dry
    (D) All the above

11. A cut in frame of a door to receive the shutter, is called
    (A) Louver
    (B) Stop
    (C) Horn
    (D) Rebate

12. The loose pockets in soil mass can be bridged safely by providing a raft foundation provided the soft area is smaller than
    (A) The column spacing
    (B) One-third the column spacing
    (C) Half the column spacing
    (D) Three-fourth the column spacing

13. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
    (A) In king post truss, one vertical post is used
    (B) In a queen post truss, one vertical post is used
    (C) In a queen post truss, two vertical posts are used
    (D) None of these

14. The pile which is provided with a bulb filled with concrete at its lower end, is known as
    (A) Simplex pile
    (B) Mac-Arthur pile
    (C) Raymond pile
    (D) Franki pile

15. Ornamental moulded course placed on the top of a wall, is
    (A) Cornice
    (B) Coping
    (C) Frieze
    (D) Lintel

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