Theory of Structures Civil Engineering Exam Questions - Set 10 - ObjectiveBooks

Theory of Structures Civil Engineering Exam Questions - Set 10

Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. For determining the support reactions at A and B of a three hinged arch, points B and Care joined and produced to intersect the load line at D and a line parallel to the load line through A at D'. Distances ADDD' and AD' when measured were 4 cm, 3 cm and 5 cm respectively. The angle between the reactions at A and B is
    (A) 30°
    (B) 45°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 90°

2. The deflection of a uniform circular bar of diameter d and length ‘l’, which extends by an amount ‘e’ under a tensile pull ‘W’, when it carries the same load at its mid-span, is
    (A) el/2d
    (B) e2l/3d2
    (C) el2/3d2
    (D) e2l2/3d2

3. The ratio of the maximum deflections of a simply supported beam with a central load W and of a cantilever of same length and with a load W at its free end, is
    (A) 1/8
    (B) 1/10
    (C) 1/12
    (D) 1/16

4. The radius of gyration of a rectangular section (depth D, width B) from a centroidal axis parallel to the width is
    (A) D/2
    (B) D/√3
    (C) D/2√3
    (D) D/4√3

5. A square column carries a load P at the centroid of one of the quarters of the square. If a is the side of the main square, the combined bending stress will be
    (A) p/a2
    (B) 2p/a2
    (C) 3p/a2
    (D) 4p/a2

6. The moment of inertia of a rectangular section of width ‘B’ and depth ‘D’ about an axis passing through C.G. and parallel to its width is
    (A) BD2/6
    (B) BD3/6
    (C) BD3/12
    (D) B2D/6

7. The normal component of a force inclined through θ° is obtained by multiplying the force by
    (A) sin θ
    (B) cos θ
    (C) tan θ
    (D) sin θ. cos θ

8. The ratio of the section modulus of a square section of side B and that of a circular section of diameter D, is
    (A) 2π/15
    (B) 3π/16
    (C) 3π/8
    (D) π/16

9. A material may fail if
    (A) Maximum principal stress exceeds the direct stress σ0
    (B) Maximum strain exceeds σ0/E
    (C) Maximum shear stress exceeds σ0/2
    (D) All the above

10. The ratio of tangential and normal components of a stress on an inclined plane through θ° to the direction of the force is:
    (A) sin θ
    (B) cos θ
    (C) tan θ
    (D) cot θ

11. A shaft is subjected to bending moment M and a torque T simultaneously. The ratio of the maximum bending stress to maximum shear stress developed in the shaft, is
    (A) M/T
    (B) T/M
    (C) 2M/T
    (D) 2T/M

12. The maximum height of a masonry dam of a triangular section whose base width is b and specific gravity s, is
    (A) b √s
    (B) b.s
    (C) √(bs)
    (D) s √b

13. A bar of square section of area a2 is held such that its one of its diameters is vertical. The maximum shear stress will develop at a depth h where h is
    (A) 2√3/4
    (B) 3√2/4
    (C) 2/√3
    (D) √3/4

14. A cantilever of length 2 cm and depth 10 cm tapers in plan from a width 24 cm to zero at its free end. If the modulus of elasticity of the material is 0.2 × 106 N/mm2, the deflection of the free end, is
    (A) 2 mm
    (B) 3 mm
    (C) 4 mm
    (D) 5 mm

15. The locus of reaction of a two hinged semi-circular arch, is
    (A) Straight line
    (B) Parabola
    (C) Circle
    (D) Hyperbola

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