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Theory of Structures Online Quiz Questions - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. m1 and m2 are the members of two individual simple trusses of a compound truss. The compound truss will be rigid and determinate if
    (A) m = m1 + m2
    (B) m = m1 + m2 + 1
    (C) m = m1 + m2 + 2
    (D) m = m1 + m2 + 3

2. The maximum B.M. due to an isolated load in a three hinged parabolic arch, (span l, rise h) having one of its hinges at the crown, occurs on either side of the crown at a distance
    (A) l/4
    (B) h/4
    (C) l/2√3
    (D) l/3√2

3. The greatest load which a spring can carry without getting permanently distorted, is called
    (A) Stiffness
    (B) Proof resilience
    (C) Proof stress
    (D) Proof load

4. The force in AC of the truss shown in the given figure, is
Theory of Structures Set 07, Question 4
    (A) 5t tension
    (B) 4t tension
    (C) 4t compression
    (D) 5t compression

5. A bar L metre long and having its area of cross-section A, is subjected to a gradually applied tensile load W. The strain energy stored in the bar is
    (A) WL/2AE
    (B) WL/AE
    (C) W2L/AE
    (D) W2L/2AE

6. The maximum bending moment for a simply supported beam with a uniformly distributed load w/unit length, is
    (A) WL/2
    (B) WL2/4
    (C) WL2/8
    (D) WL2/12

7. The force in CD of the truss shown in given figure, is
Theory of Structures Set 07, Question 7
    (A) 3t compression
    (B) 3t tension
    (C) Zero
    (D) 1.5t compression

8. An isolated load W is acting at a distance a from the left hand support, of a three hinged arch of span 2l and rise h hinged at the crown, the horizontal reaction at the support, is
    (A) Wa/h
    (B) Wa/2h
    (C) 2W/ha
    (D) 2h/Wa

9. At any point of a beam, the section modulus may be obtained by dividing the moment of inertia of the section by
    (A) Depth of the section
    (B) Depth of the neutral axis
    (C) Maximum tensile stress at the section
    (D) Maximum compressive stress at the section

10. The ratio of the area of cross-section of a circular section to the area of its core, is
    (A) 4
    (B) 8
    (C) 12
    (D) 16

11. The ratio of maximum and average shear stresses on a rectangular section, is
    (A) 1
    (B) 1.25
    (C) 1.5
    (D) 2.5

12. In the truss shown in the given figure, the force in member BC is
Theory of Structures Set 07, Question 12
    (A) 100 t compressive
    (B) 100 t tensile
    (C) Zero
    (D) Indeterminate

13. If a concrete column 200 × 200 mm in cross-section is reinforced with four steel bars of 1200 mm2 total cross-sectional area. Calculate the safe load for the column if permissible stress in concrete is 5 N/mm2 and Es is 15 Ec
    (A) 264 MN
    (B) 274 MN
    (C) 284 MN
    (D) 294 MN

14. In plastic analysis, the shape factor for rectangular section, is
    (A) 1.4
    (B) 1.5
    (C) 1.6
    (D) 1.7

15. A masonry dam (density = 20,000 N/m3) 6 m high, one metre wide at the top and 4 m wide at the base, has vertical water face. The minimum stress at the base of the dam when the reservoir is full, will be
    (A) 75 N/m2
    (B) 750 N/m2
    (C) 7500 N/m2
    (D) 75000 N/m2

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