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Theory of Structures Questions and Answers - Set 09

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. In the truss shown in given figure, the force in member BD is
Theory of Structures Set 09, Question 1
    (A) 100 t compressive
    (B) 100 t tensile
    (C) Zero
    (D) Indeterminate

2. The moment of inertia of a circular section about any diameter D, is
    (A) πD2/64
    (B) πD4/32
    (C) πD3/64
    (D) πD4/64

3. The S.F. diagram of a loaded beam shown in the given figure is that of
Theory of Structures Set 09, Question 3
    (A) A simply supported beam with isolated central load
    (B) A simply supported beam with uniformly distributed load
    (C) A cantilever with an isolated load at the free end
    (D) A cantilever with a uniformly distributed load

4. If M, I, R, E, F, and Y are the bending moment, moment of inertia, radius of curvature, modulus of elasticity stress and the depth of the neutral axis at section, then
    (A) M/I = R/E = F/Y
    (B) I/M = R/E = F/Y
    (C) M/I = E/R = F/Y
    (D) M/I = E/R = Y/F

5. Shear strain energy theory for the failure of a material at elastic limit, is due to
    (A) Rankine
    (B) Guest or Trecas
    (C) St. Venant
    (D) Von Mises

6. If the normal stresses due to longitudinal and transverse loads on a bar are σ1 and σrespectively, the tangential component of the stress on an inclined plane through θ°, the longitudinal load is
    (A) σ1 sinθ + σ2 cosθ
    (B) σ1 sin²θ + σ2 cos2θ
    (C) (σ1 - σ2) sin 2θ/2
    (D) (σ1 + σ2) sin 2θ/2

7. The radius of gyration of a section of area A and least moment of inertia I about the centroidal axis, is
    (A) A/I
    (B) I/A
    (C) √(I/A)
    (D) √(A/I)

8. The locus of the moment of inertia about inclined axes to the principal axis, is
    (A) Straight line
    (B) Parabola
    (C) Circle
    (D) Ellipse

9. Beams composed of more than one material, rigidly connected together so as to behave as one piece, are known as
    (A) Compound beams
    (B) Indeterminate beams
    (C) Determinate beams
    (D) Composite beams

10. A steel plate d × b is sandwiched rigidly between two timber joists each D × B/2 in section. The moment of resistance of the beam for the same maximum permissible stress ‘σ’ in timber and steel will be (where Young's modulus of steel is m times that of the timber).
    (A) σ [(BD2 + mbd2)/6D]
    (B) σ [(BD3 + mbd3)/6D]
    (C) σ [(BD2 + mbd3)/4D]
    (D) σ [(BD2 + mbd2)/4D]

11. The general expression for the B.M. of a beam of length l is the beam carries M = (wl/2) x - (wx2/2)
    (A) A uniformly distributed load w/unit length
    (B) A load varying linearly from zero at one end to w at the other end
    (C) An isolated load at mid span
    (D) None of these

12. In a shaft, the shear stress is not directly proportional to
    (A) Radius of the shaft
    (B) Angle of twist
    (C) Length of the shaft
    (D) Modulus of rigidity

13. In the truss, the force in the member AC is
Theory of Structures Set 09, Question 13
    (A) 6.25 t compressive
    (B) 8.75 t tensile
    (C) (8.75/√3) t tensile
    (D) (8.75/√3) t compressive

14. The maximum deflection of a simply supported beam of span L, carrying an isolated load at the centre of the span; flexural rigidity being EI, is
    (A) WL3/3EL
    (B) WL3/8EL
    (C) WL3/24EL
    (D) WL3/48EL

15. The point of contraflexure is the point where
    (A) B.M. changes sign
    (B) B.M. is maximum
    (C) B.M. is minimum
    (D) S.F. is zero

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