Basic Strength of Materials Interview Questions and Answers pdf - Set 18 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Strength of Materials Interview Questions and Answers pdf - Set 18

Practice Test: Question Set - 18

1. If the normal cross-section ‘A’ of a member is subjected to tensile force ‘P’, the resulting normal stress in an oblique plane inclined at angle ‘θ’ to transverse plane will be
    (A) (P/A) sin2θ
    (B) (P/A) cos2θ
    (C) (P/2A) sin 2θ
    (D) (P/2A) cos 2θ

2. In a shaft rotated by a couple, the shear force varies
    (A) From zero at the centre to a maximum at the circumference
    (B) From minimum at the centre of maximum at the circumference
    (C) From maximum at the centre to zero at the circumference
    (D) Equally throughout the section

3. The shape of the bending moment diagram over the length of a beam, having no external load, is always
    (A) Linear
    (B) Parabolic
    (C) Cubical
    (D) Circular

4. The stress at which extension of a material takes place more quickly as compared to the increase in load, is called
    (A) Elastic point
    (B) Plastic point
    (C) Breaking point
    (D) Yielding point

5. A shaft turning 150 r.p.m. is subjected to a torque of 150 kgm. Horse power transmitted by the shaft is
    (A) π
    (B) 10 π
    (C) π2
    (D) 1/π

6. In a simply supported beam (l + 2a) with equal overhangs (a) and carrying a uniformly distributed load over its entire length, B.M. at the middle point of the beam will be zero if
    (A) l = 2a
    (B) l = 4a
    (C) l < 2a
    (D) l > a

7. A simply supported beam of span ‘L’ carries a uniformly distributed load ‘W’. The maximum bending moment ‘M’ is
    (A) WL/2
    (B) WL/4
    (C) WL/8
    (D) WL/12

8. A member which does not regain its original shape after removed of load producing deformation is said
    (A) Plastic
    (B) Elastic
    (C) Rigid
    (D) None of these

9. A solid cube is subjected to equal normal forces on all its faces. The volumetric strain will be x-times the linear strain in any of the three axes when
    (A) x = 1
    (B) x = 2
    (C) x = 3
    (D) x = 4

10. A three hinged arch is loaded with an isolated load 1000 kg at a horizontal distance of 2.5 m from the crown, 1 m above the level of hinges at the supports 10 metres apart. The horizontal thrust is
    (A) 1250 kg
    (B) 125 kg
    (C) 750 kg
    (D) 2500 kg

11. A uniform girder simply supported at its ends is subjected to a uniformly distributed load over its entire length and is propped at the centre so as to neutralise the deflection. The net B.M. at the centre will be
    (A) WL
    (B) WL/8
    (C) WL/24
    (D) WL/32

12. When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum compressive stress develops on
    (A) Bottom fibre
    (B) Top fibre
    (C) Neutral axis
    (D) Every cross-section

13. In a tension test, the yield stress is 300 kg/cm2, in the octahedral shear stress at the point is:
    (A) 100 √2 kg/cm2
    (B) 150 √2 kg/cm2
    (C) 200 √2 kg/cm
    (D) 250 √2 kg/cm2

14. Columns of given length, cross-section and material have different values of buckling loads for different end conditions. The strongest column is one whose
    (A) One end is fixed and other end is hinged
    (B) Both ends are hinged or pin jointed
    (C) One end is fixed and the other end entirely free
    (D) Both the ends are fixed

15. A cantilever carrying a uniformly distributed load W over its full length is propped at its free end such that it is at the level of the fixed end. The bending moment will be zero at its free end also at
    (A) Midpoint of the cantilever
    (B) Fixed point of the cantilever
    (C) 1/4th length from free end
    (D) 3/4th length from free end

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