Basic Strength of Materials Interview Questions and Answers pdf - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Strength of Materials Interview Questions and Answers pdf - Set 14

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. For a beam of uniform strength keeping its depth constant, the width will vary in proportion to
    (A) Bending moment (M)
    (B) √M
    (C) M2
    (D) None of these

2. The product of either force of couple with the arm of the couple is called
    (A) Resultant couple
    (B) Moment of the forces
    (C) Resulting couple
    (D) Moment of the couple

3. While testing a cast iron beam (2.5 cm × 2.5 cm) in section and a metre long simply supported at the ends failed when a 100 kg weight is applied at the centre. The maximum stress induced is:
    (A) 960 kg/cm2
    (B) 980 kg/cm2
    (C) 1000 kg/cm2
    (D) 1200 kg/cm2

4. Simple bending equation is
    (A) M/I = R/E = F/Y
    (B) I/M = E/R = Y/F
    (C) M/I = E/R = F/Y
    (D) M/I = R/E = Y/F

5. The algebraic sum of moments of the forces forming couple about any point in their plane is
    (A) Equal to the moment of the couple
    (B) Constant
    (C) Both of above are correct
    (D) Both of above are wrong

6. ‘n’ and ‘j’ are numbers of members and joints in a frame. It contains redundant members if
    (A) n = 2j - 3
    (B) n = 3j - 2
    (C) n < 2j - 3
    (D) n > 2j - 3

7. The equivalent length of a column fixed at both ends, is
    (A) 0.5 l
    (B) 0.7 l
    (C) l
    (D) 1.5 l

8. Which of the following is not the unit of power?
    (A) kW (kilowatt)
    (B) hp (horse power)
    (C) kcal/sec
    (D) kcal/kg sec

9. The ratio of elongations of a conical bar due to its own weight and that of a prismatic bar of the same length, is
    (A) 1/2
    (B) 1/3
    (C) 1/4
    (D) 1/5

10. The force in the member DE of the truss shown in below figure will be
Civil SOM-Set 14, Question No. 10
    (A) Zero
    (B) 2 W tensile
    (C) 2 W compressive
    (D) 4 W compressive

11. The possible loading in various members of framed structures are
    (A) Compression or tension
    (B) Buckling or shear
    (C) Shear or tension
    (D) All of the above

12. A simply supported beam of span L carries a concentrated load W at its mid-span. The maximum bending moment M is
    (A) WL/2
    (B) WL/4
    (C) WL/8
    (D) WL/12

13. The following assumption is not true in the theory of pure torsion:
    (A) The twist along the shaft is uniform
    (B) The shaft is of uniform circular section throughout
    (C) Cross-section of the shaft, which is plane before twist remains plane after twist
    (D) All radii get twisted due to torsion

14. If three forces acting in different planes can be represented by a triangle, these will be in
    (A) Non-equilibrium
    (B) Partial equilibrium
    (C) Full equilibrium
    (D) None of the above

15. A simply supported beam carrying a uniformly distributed load over its whole span, is propped at the centre of the span so that the beam is held to the level of the end supports. The reaction of the prop will be
    (A) Half the distributed load
    (B) 3/8th the distributed load
    (C) 5/8th the distributed load
    (D) Distributed load

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