Strength of Materials Objective Questions and Answers pdf free Download - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Strength of Materials Objective Questions and Answers pdf free Download - Set 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. The width b and depth d of a beam cut from a wooden cylindrical log of 100 cm diameter for maximum strength are:
    (A) b = 57.73 cm d = 81.65 cm
    (B) b = 81.65 cm d = 57.73 cm
    (C) b = 50.00 cm d = 50.00 cm
    (D) b = 40.00 cm d = 80.00 cm

2. Which of the following is the locus of a point that moves in such a manner that its distance from a fixed point is equal to its distance from a fixed line multiplied by a constant greater than one
    (A) Ellipse
    (B) Hyperbola
    (C) Parabola
    (D) Circle

3. As compared to uniaxial tension or compression, the strain energy stored in bending is only
    (A) 1/8
    (B) 1/4
    (C) 1/3
    (D) 1/2

4. Strain energy of any member may be defined as work done on it
    (A) To deform it
    (B) To resist elongation
    (C) To resist shortening
    (D) All the above

5. Effect of a force on a body depends upon
    (A) Magnitude
    (B) Direction
    (C) Position or line of action
    (D) All of the above

6. If n is the ratio of internal and external diameters of a hollow shaft, the ratio of the weight of the hollow shaft and that of solid shaft of same strength, will be
    (A) (1 - n2)/(1 - n2)1/2
    (B) (1 - n2)/(1 - n4)2/3
    (C) (1 + n3)/(1 + n4)1/2
    (D) (1 + n1)/(1 + n4)2/3

7. The effect of arching a beam, is
    (A) To reduce the bending moment throughout
    (B) To increase the bending moment throughout
    (C) Nothing on the bending throughout
    (D) All the above

8. D' Alembert's principle is used for
    (A) Reducing the problem of kinetics to equivalent statics problem
    (B) Determining stresses in the truss
    (C) Stability of floating bodies
    (D) Designing safe structures

9. The range within which a load can be applied on a rectangular column, to avoid any tensile stress, is
    (A) One-half of the base
    (B) One-fifth of the base
    (C) One-fourth of the base
    (D) One-sixth of the base

10. For the same height, the bottom width for no tension,
    (A) For triangular section is more than rectangular section
    (B) For rectangular section is more than triangular section
    (C) For triangular section is same as that of a rectangular section
    (D) None of these

11. Coefficient of friction is the
    (A) Angle between normal reaction and the resultant of normal reaction and the limiting friction
    (B) Ratio of limiting friction and normal reaction
    (C) The friction force acting when the body is just about to move
    (D) The friction force acting when the body is in motion

12. An arch may be subjected to
    (A) Shear and axial force
    (B) Bending moment and shear force
    (C) Bending moment and axial force
    (D) Thrust, shear force and bending moment

13. The shape of the bending moment diagram over the length of a beam, carrying a uniformly increasing load, is always
    (A) Linear
    (B) Parabolic
    (C) Cubical
    (D) Circular

14. The C.G. of a right circular solid cone of height h lies at the following distance from the base
    (A) h/2
    (B) h/3
    (C) h/6
    (D) h/4

15. For a channel section, the shear centre lies at a distance of
    (A) dbt/2I
    (B) d2bt/3I
    (C) d2b2t/4I
    (D) db2t/5I

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