Practice Exam for Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Practice Exam for Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering - Set 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) Higher the gauge, more deficient will be the rain catch
    (B) Heavier the rain, lesser will be the rain catch
    (C) The trees serving as wind brakes in the vicinity of the gauge, should not subtend angles greater than 45°
    (D) All the above

2. Runoff is measured in
    (A) Cubic metres
    (B) Cubic metres per sec.
    (C) Cubic metres per minute
    (D) Cubic metres per hour

3. The minimum size of stone that will remain at rest in a channel of longitudinal slope ‘S’ and hydraulic mean depth ‘R’ is given by
    (A) 4 RS
    (B) 11 RS
    (C) 7 RS
    (D) 15 RS

4. If h is the loss due to friction in a pipe. Total losses in strainer and bends may be taken as
    (A) 0.01 h
    (B) 0.45 h
    (C) 0.20 h
    (D) 0.25 h

5. Hydrology helps in
    (A) Predicting maximum flows
    (B) Deciding the minimum reservoir capacity
    (C) Forecasting the availability of quantity of water at reservoir site
    (D) All the above

6. Which of the following types of falls use parabolic glacis for energy dissipation?
    (A) Vertical drop fall
    (B) Glacis fall
    (C) Montague type fall
    (D) Inglis fall

7. In India, rain fall is generally recorded at
    (A) 8 A.M.
    (B) 12 Noon
    (C) 4 P.M.
    (D) 8 P.M.

8. The initial basin recharge is equal to
    (A) Interception
    (B) Depression storage
    (C) Rain absorbed by the moisture deficiency
    (D) All the above

9. Shrouding is provided in
    (A) Cavity type tube wells
    (B) Slotted type tube wells
    (C) Strainer type tube wells
    (D) Perforated type tube wells

10. Rain simulators are used for the determination of
    (A) Evaporation
    (B) Precipitation
    (C) Run off
    (D) Infiltration capacity

11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The throat of the section of a control meter is either rectangular or trapezoidal
    (B) The floor of the control meter throat is almost level
    (C) The floor of the expanding outlet of the control meter is given a steep slope
    (D) All the above

12. The Dupuit formula is based on
    (A) One observation well
    (B) Two observation wells
    (C) Three observation wells
    (D) No observation well

13. A river bend characterized by silting
    (A) Scouring on concave side
    (B) Silting on convex side
    (C) Scouring on convex side and on concave side
    (D) Scouring on concave side and silting on convex side

14. Run off includes
    (A) Precipitation over catchment area of the stream and its attributaries
    (B) Surface run off
    (C) Ground water flow
    (D) All the above

15. The respective storm totals at three surrounding stations AB and C are 110, 90 and 70 mm. If the normal annual precipitation amounts at stations XAB and C are respectively 1000, 1100, 1200 and 1250 mm, the estimated storm precipitation at X is
    (A) 75 mm
    (B) 77 mm
    (C) 79 mm
    (D) 81 mm

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