Surveying MCQ Test Questions with Answers - Set 19 - ObjectiveBooks

Surveying MCQ Test Questions with Answers - Set 19

Practice Test: Question Set - 19

1. It ‘θ’ is the probable error of an observed bearing of a line of length ‘l’, the error over the whole length of the traverse of ‘n’ lines of length ‘l’ is
    (A) l √n
    (B) n (θ/l) √n
    (C) θ ∛n
    (D) ⅓ θ √n

2. The magnetic meridian at any point, is the direction indicated by a freely suspended
    (A) Magnetic needle
    (B) And properly balanced magnetic needle
    (C) Properly balanced and uninfluenced by local attractive force
    (D) Magnetic needle over an iron pivot

3. Bergschrund is a topographical feature in
    (A) Plains
    (B) Water bodies
    (C) Hills
    (D) Glaciated region

4. If Δ is the angle of deflection of a simple curve of radius R, the distance between the mid-point of the curve and long chord, is
    (A) R (1 - sin Δ/2)
    (B) R (1 + sin Δ/2)
    (C) R (1 + cos Δ/2)
    (D) R (1 - cos Δ/2)

5. A relatively fixed point of known elevation above datum, is called
    (A) Bench mark
    (B) Datum point
    (C) Reduced level
    (D) Reference point

6. The power of a lens
    (A) Is reciprocal of its focal length
    (B) Is positive if it is a convex lens
    (C) Is negative if it is a concave lens
    (D) Is measured in Diopter

7. The approximate formula for radial or perpendicular offsets from the tangent, is
    (A) x/2R
    (B) x2/2R
    (C) x/R
    (D) x2/R

8. The included angles of a theodolite traverse, are generally measured
    (A) Clockwise from the forward station
    (B) Anti-clockwise from the back station
    (C) Anti-clockwise from the forward station
    (D) Clockwise from the back station

9. The intercept of a staff
    (A) Is maximum if the staff is held truly normal to the line of sight
    (B) Is minimum if the staff is held truly normal to the line of sight
    (C) Decreases if the staff is tilted away from normal
    (D) Increases if the staff is tilted towards normal

10. In a constant level tube, size of the bubble remains constant because upper wall is
    (A) Of relatively larger radius
    (B) Of relatively smaller radius
    (C) Flat
    (D) Convex downwards

11. While measuring the distance between two points along upgrade with the help of a 20 m chain, the forward end of the chain is shifted forward through a distance
    (A) 20 (sinθ - 1)
    (B) 20 (cosθ - 1)
    (C) 20 (secθ - 1)
    (D) 20 (cosecθ - 1)

12. Contours of different elevations may cross each other only in the case of
    (A) An overhanging cliff
    (B) A vertical cliff
    (C) A saddle
    (D) An inclined plane

13. Diopter is the power of a lens having a focal length of
    (A) 25 cm
    (B) 50 cm
    (C) 75 cm
    (D) 100 cm

14. A theodolite is said to be in perfect adjustment if
    (A) Rotation axis is vertical to the transit axis
    (B) Transit axis is perpendicular to line of collimation
    (C) Line of collimation sweeps out a vertical plane while the telescope is elevated or depressed
    (D) All the above

15. In chain surveying, perpendiculars to the chain line are set out by
    (A) A theodolite
    (B) A prismatic compass
    (C) A level
    (D) An optical square

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