Civil Foundation Engineering MCQ Test - Set 16 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Foundation Engineering MCQ Test - Set 16

Practice Test: Question Set - 16

1. Sedimentation analysis is based on the assumption:
    (A) Soil particles are spherical
    (B) Particles settle independent of other particles
    (C) Walls of the jar do not affect the settlement
    (D) All the above

2. A pycnometer is used to determine
    (A) Water content and voids ratio
    (B) Specific gravity and dry density
    (C) Water content and specific gravity
    (D) Voids ratio and dry density

3. The vane shear test is used for the in-situ determination of the undrained strength of the intact fully saturated
    (A) Sands
    (B) Clays
    (C) Gravels
    (D) Highly organic soils

4. The intensity of vertical pressure at a depth ‘Z’ directly below the point load ‘Q’ on its axis of loading is:
    (A) 0.4775 Q/Z
    (B) 0.4775 Q/Z2
    (C) 0.4775 Q/Z3
    (D) 0.4775 Q/√Z

5. When the plastic limit of a soil is greater than the liquid limit, then the plasticity index is reported as
    (A) Negative
    (B) Zero
    (C) Non-plastic (NP)
    (D) 1

6. Flow net is used for the determination of
    (A) Quantity of seepage
    (B) Hydrostatic pressure
    (C) Seepage pressure
    (D) All the above

7. The inventor of the term soil mechanics, was
    (A) Kray
    (B) Dr. Karl Terzaghi
    (C) Leygue
    (D) Fellenius

8. Highway Research Board (HRB) classification of soils is based on
    (A) Particle size composition
    (B) Plasticity characteristics
    (C) Both particle size composition and plasticity characteristics
    (D) None of the above

9. The fundamental equation of air content (ac), degree of saturation (Sr) and void ratio (e), is
    (A) ac = e (1 - Sr)/(1 - e)
    (B) ac = e (1 + Sr)/(1 + e)
    (C) ac = e (1 - Sr)/(1 + e)
    (D) ac = e (1 + Sr)/(1 - e)

10. Stoke's law does not hold good if the size of particle is smaller than
    (A) 0.0002 mm
    (B) 0.002 mm
    (C) 0.02 mm
    (D) 0.2 mm

11. Quick sand is a
    (A) Type of sand
    (B) Flow condition occurring in cohesive soils
    (C) Flow condition occurring in cohesion-less soils
    (D) Flow condition occurring in both cohesive and cohesion-less soils

12. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) O.M.C. refers to the moisture corresponding to the maximum point on the moisture content dry density curve
    (B) The line which shows moisture content dry density relation for soil containing a constant percentage of air voids, is known as air void line
    (C) The free fall of hammer for compaction is 30.5 cm
    (D) All the above

13. A saturated soil sample has water content of 40% and specific gravity of soil particles 2.7. The void ratio of the soil, is
    (A) 0.4
    (B) 0.52
    (C) 1.08
    (D) None of these

14. The total discharge from two wells situated near to each other is
    (A) Sum of the discharges from individual wells
    (B) Less than the sum of the discharges from individual wells
    (C) Greater than the sum of the discharges from individual wells
    (D) Equal to larger of the two discharges from individual wells

15. A sample of saturated soil has 30% water content and the specific gravity of soil grains is 2.6. The dry density of the soil mass in g/cm3, is
    (A) 1.47
    (B) 1.82
    (C) 1.91
    (D) None of these

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