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Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Civil Engineering MCQ

Practice Test: Question Set - 25

1. A fundamental equation of void ratio (e), specific gravity (G), water content (ω) and degree of saturation (Sr) is
    (A) e = ωG/Sr
    (B) ω = eG/Sr
    (C) G = /S
    (D) Sr = /G

2. Water content of a soil sample is the difference of the weight of the given sample at the given temperature and the weight determined after drying it for 24 hours at temperature ranging from
    (A) 80° to 90°C
    (B) 90° to 95°C
    (C) 103° to 105°C
    (D) 105° to 110°C

3. The equation τ C + σ tan φ is given by
    (A) Rankine
    (B) Coulomb
    (C) Coleman
    (D) Mohr

4. A pile is being driven with a drop hammer weighing 1800 kg and having a free fall of 1.00 m. If the penetration with last blow is 5 mm, the load carrying capacity of the pile, -according to the Engineering News formula, is
    (A) 100 tonnes
    (B) 50 tonnes
    (C) 20 tonnes
    (D) 10 tonnes

5. If σ0' and σ' represent initial and increased pressure ; e0 and e void ratios corresponding to initial and increased pressure ; and C0 the compression index (dimensionless), then, the virgin compression curve as expressed by Terzaghi’s empirical formula is
    (A) e = e0 + Cc log10 σ'/σ0'
    (B) e = e0 - Cc log10 σ'/σ0'
    (C) e0 = e - Cc log10 σ'/σ0'
    (D) e0 = e + Cc log10 σ'/σ0'

6. Determination of water content of a soil sample suspected to contain gypsum is made by drying the sample for longer period at a temperature not more than
    (A) 60°C
    (B) 80°C
    (C) 100°C
    (D) 110°C

7. If the unit weight of sand particles is 2.696 g/cc. and porosity in loose state is 44%, the critical hydraulic gradient for quick sand condition, is
    (A) 0.91
    (B) 0.92
    (C) 0.93
    (D) 0.95

8. An infinite slope is inclined at angle ‘i ‘and has its angle of internal friction ‘φ’, the stability number ‘Sa’ is
    (A) cos2 i/(tan i - tan φ)
    (B) sin2 i/(tan i - tan φ)
    (C) (tan i - tan φ) cos2 i
    (D) (tan i - tan φ) sin2 i

9. Under-reamed piles are generally
    (A) Driven piles
    (B) Bored piles
    (C) Precast piles
    (D) All the above

10. The weight of a pycnometer containing 400 g sand and water full to the top is 2150 g. The weight of pycnometer full of clean water is 1950 g. If specific gravity of the soil is 2.5, the water content is
    (A) 5 %
    (B) 10 %
    (C) 15 %
    (D) 20 %

11. A phreatic line is defined as the line within a dam section below which there are
    (A) Positive equipotential lines
    (B) Positive hydrostatic pressure
    (C) Negative hydrostatic pressure
    (D) Negative equipotential lines

12. The coefficient of curvature is defined
    (A) D60/D10
    (B) D10/D60
    (C) D302/D60 D10
    (D) D102/ D30 D60

13. Accurate determination of water content, is made by
    (A) Calcium carbide method
    (B) Sand bath method
    (C) Alcohol method
    (D) Oven-drying method

14. The clay soil mainly consists of
    (A) Kaolinite
    (B) Montmorillonite
    (C) Vermiculite
    (D) All the above

15. The maximum shear stress occurs on the filament which makes an angle with the horizontal plane equal to
    (A) 30°
    (B) 45°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 90°

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