Foundation Engineering MCQ Practice Test for Exam - Set 19 - ObjectiveBooks

Foundation Engineering MCQ Practice Test for Exam - Set 19

Practice Test: Question Set - 19

1. For shear strength, triaxial shear test is suitable because
    (A) It can be performed under all three drainage conditions
    (B) Precise measurement of the pore pressure and volume change during the test is possible
    (C) Stress distribution on the failure plane, is uniform
    (D) All the above

2. The zero atmospheric pressure is at
    (A) Sea level
    (B) Water table
    (C) Phreatic surface
    (D) Both (B) and (C) of the above

3. Terzaghi's bearing capacity factors Nc, Nq and Nr are functions of
    (A) Cohesion only
    (B) Angle of internal friction only
    (C) Both cohesion and angle of internal friction
    (D) None of the above

4. The general relationship between specific gravity (G), weight of water (γω), degree of saturation (Sr), void ratio (e) and bulk density (γ), is
    (A) γ = (S - eSr) γω/(1 + e)
    (B) γ = (G + eSr) γω/(1 + e)
    (C) γ = (1 + e) γω/(G + Sr)
    (D) γ = (1 - Sr) e/(G + Sr)

5. 'Loess' is silty clay formed by the action of
    (A) Water
    (B) Glacier
    (C) Wind
    (D) Gravitational force

6. Rise of water table in cohesion-less soils upto ground surface reduces the net ultimate bearing capacity approximately by
    (A) 25 %
    (B) 50 %
    (C) 75 %
    (D) 90 %

7. A decrease in water content results in a reduction of the volume of a soil in
    (A) Liquid state
    (B) Plastic state
    (C) Semi solid state
    (D) All of these

8. In non-cohesive soil in passive state of plastic equilibrium
    (A) Major principal stress is horizontal
    (B) Minor principal stress is vertical
    (C) Major principal stress is vertical
    (D) Minor and major principal stresses are equally inclined to the horizontal

9. A soil has a bulk density of 22 kN/m3 and water content 10 %. The dry density of soil is
    (A) 18.6 kN/m3
    (B) 20.0 kN/m3
    (C) 22.0 kN/m3
    (D) 23.2 kN/m3

10. Through a point in a loaded soil, the principal stress is maximum on
    (A) Minor principal plane
    (B) Intermediate principal plane
    (C) Major principal plane
    (D) None of these

11. The expression [Gs/(1 + ωGs)] ρω is used for
    (A) Dry density
    (B) Bulk density
    (C) Degree of saturation
    (D) Optimum water content

12. If the sand in-situ is in its densest state, then the relative density of sand is
    (A) Zero
    (B) 1
    (C) Between 0 and 1
    (D) Greater than 1

13. If dry density, water density and specific gravity of solids of a given soil sample are 1.6 g/cc, 1.84 g/cc and 2.56 respectively, the porosity of the soil sample, is
    (A) 0.375
    (B) 0.370
    (C) 0.380
    (D) 0.390

14. The property of a soil which permits water to percolate through it, is called
    (A) Moisture content
    (B) Permeability
    (C) Capillarity
    (D) None of these

15. Toughness index is defined as the ratio of
    (A) Plasticity index to consistency index
    (B) Plasticity index to flow index
    (C) Liquidity index to flow index
    (D) Consistency index to liquidity index

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