Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 02

Quiz Questions

01. The ratio of the span L of the filler joists to the depth d from the underside of the joist to the top of the structural concrete, should not exceed

02. A passive sensor uses:

03. The pile which supports the load due to friction between pile face and surrounding soil, is generally known as

04. An open-ended cylinder of radius ‘r’ and thickness ‘t’ is subjected to internal pressure ‘p’. The Young's modulus for the material is ‘E’ and Poisson's ratio is ‘μ’. The longitudinal strain is

05. With storage, strength of cement

06. High pH value of water does not produce

07. The compaction of concrete, improves

08. The allowable stress in axial tension is generally kept less if thickness of the member is more than

09. The financial analysis helps to judge:

10. The ratio of maximum deviation angle and maximum polar deflection angle of a Lemniscate curve, is

11. Pick up the wrong nominal internal diameter of cast iron (spun) pipes in mm from the following:

12. Chemical coagulation of drinking water, is done

13. The type of roof which slopes in two directions with a break in the slope on each side is known as

14. The commonly used raw material in the manufacture of cement, is

15. Slump test of concrete is a measure of its

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