Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 06

Quiz Questions

01. For stairs spanning horizontally, the minimum waist provided is

02. Water formed transported soil is

03. The form work from the slabs excluding props, can be removed only after

04. Slump test for concrete is carried out, to determine

05. An intense rain is falling at a uniform rate of 7.5 cm/hour for a period of 60 minutes on a basin whose area is 500 hectares. If the average infiltration capacity during the entire rain period is assumed to be 1.5 cm/hr, the maximum run-off rate based on 10 minute peak percentage of 16% from distributing graph of the basin, is

06. The toe projection of foundation slabs is taken

07. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

08. The process of filling hollow spaces of walls before plastering, is known

09. The neutral axis of a beam cross-section must

10. Reactions at the supports of a structure can be determined by equating the algebraic sum of

11. Granite mainly composed of quartz and feldspar particles, is obtained from

12. Segregation is responsible for

13. Precipitation includes

14. The horizontal angle between true meridian and magnetic meridian, is known

15. For a 50 kg cement bag water required, is

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