Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 10 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 10

Quiz Questions

01. If a ball which is dropped from a height of 2.25 m on a smooth floor attains the height of bounce equal to 1.00 m, the coefficient of the restitution between the ball and floor, is

02. The allowable stress in axial tension is generally kept less if thickness of the member is more than

03. Tacking rivets in compression plates not exposed to the weather, have a pitch not exceeding 300 mm or

04. A single angle in tension is connected by one leg only. If the areas of connecting and outstanding legs are respectively a and b, net effective area of the angle, is

05. The advantage of a concrete pile over a timber pile, is

06. Every material obeys the Hooke's law within its

07. For setting out a simple curve, using two theodolites.

08. Alum is chemically

09. Bitumen paints offer

10. If the length of a cantilever carrying an isolated load at its free end is doubled, the deflection of the free end will increase by

11. Pressure exerted by fully saturated air, is known

12. The most commonly adopted method to provide super-elevation on roads, is by pivoting the road surface about

13. The following item of earth work is not measured separately.

14. Disinfection efficiency is

15. The wages of supervisors and material handlers are charged as:

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