Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 07

Quiz Questions

01. A soil sample has passing 0.075 mm sieve = 60% liquid limit = 65% and plastic limit = 40%. The group index of the soil, is

02. In a three hinged arch, the bending moment will be zero

03. The 'fix' of a plane table station with three known points, is bad if the plane table station lies

04. Pig iron obtained from the furnace which is properly provided with fuel at a very high temperature, is called

05. If the diameter of a sewer is 100 mm, the gradient required for generating self cleansing velocity, is

06. Percentage of pozzolanic material containing clay upto 80% used for the manufacture of pozzolana cement, is

07. The shear reinforcement in R.C.C. is provided to resist

08. A simply supported beam carries two equal concentrated loads W at distances L/3 from either support. The maximum bending moment

09. One of the tacheometric constants is additive, the other constant, is

10. Aerobic activity is maximum

11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

12. To attain the required shape of the tunnel section, we use:

13. In sewers the highest non-scouring velocity is achieved in

14. A close coil helical spring when subjected to a moment M having its axis along the axis of the helix

15. Contour lines of different elevations can unite to form one line, only in the case of

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