Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Engineering Quiz - Set 04

Quiz Questions

01. A single angle in tension is connected by one leg only. If the areas of connecting and outstanding legs are respectively a and b, net effective area of the angle, is

02. The best unit period of a unit hydrograph, is equal to basin lag divided by

03. A current meter measures the velocity of flow, if it is held

04. The platform at the end of a series of steps, is known as

05. Ground glass

06. When a load is transferred through one surface to another surface in contact, the stress is known as

07. The sensitivity of a rigid module, is

08. The inclined surface of an abutment to receive the arch, is known as

09. The wedging is adopted for quarrying costly stratified rock such as

10. The top diameter, bottom diameter and the height of a slump mould are:

11. Spans of continuous fillers are considered approximately equal if the longest span does not exceed the shortest span by more than

12. For predicting floods of a given frequency, the best reliable method is

13. The slenderness ratio of a column is zero when its length

14. A triangle used for turning the face of locomotives, consists of

15. The design of a retaining wall assumes that the retained earth

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