Computer Engineering Microsoft Access MCQ - Set 31 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Engineering Microsoft Access MCQ - Set 31

Practice Test: Question Set - 31

1. What is the memo data type field used for?
    (A) To add table
    (B) To store objects created in other programs
    (C) For long text entries
    (D) For shout text entries of no more than 255 characters

2. Which of the following is not a type of relationship that can be applied in Access Database?
    (A) One to One
    (B) One to Many
    (C) Many to Many
    (D) All of above can be applied

3. Which of the following may not be a database?
    (A) Data presented in table in MS Word document
    (B) Data entered in Excel spreadsheet
    (C) A presentation created in PowerPoint
    (D) A telephone diary

4. In MS Access, OLE Object Data type can store
    (A) Microsoft Word documents
    (B) Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
    (C) Sounds
    (D) All of the Above

5. Which of the following functions is used to all the values in a numeric field?
    (A) Num
    (B) Count
    (C) Sum
    (D) Total

6. The common field linking the two datasheets is the ________ key field in the main datasheet and the ________ field in the linked datasheet.
    (A) Primary, foreign
    (B) Primary, common
    (C) Foreign, primary
    (D) Foreign, common

7. Where can you find the undo command in Access?
    (A) Office button
    (B) Home command tab
    (C) Status bar
    (D) Quick Access toolbar

8. The default and maximum size of text field in access
    (A) 50 and 255 characters
    (B) 8 and 1 gb
    (C) 266 characters & 64000 characters
    (D) None of above

9. If you make an invalid entry in the input mask wizard dialog box, this will display to advise you that the entry is not correct
    (A) Text error
    (B) Validation error
    (C) Literal error
    (D) Entry error

10. What is the type of query that extracts data from a table and puts them into separate table?
    (A) Parameter query
    (B) Make table query
    (C) Update query
    (D) Put table query

11. What is the first step in creating a form or report with the form wizard or report wizard?
    (A) Selecting the fields that you want to appear in the form or report
    (B) Selecting the underlying table or query on which you want to base the form or report
    (C) Reading several screens of mostly useless information and clicking next
    (D) Selecting how the form or report should be formatted

12. A _________ enables you to view data from a table based on a specific criterion
    (A) Form
    (B) Query
    (C) Macro
    (D) Report

13. The complete information about an entity in a database is called
    (A) Data
    (B) Information
    (C) Field
    (D) Record

14. What happens when a user double-clicks an object in the Project pane of the Visual Basic Editor?
    (A) The associated code is displayed in the Code pane
    (B) The associated code is displayed in a new window
    (C) The object is deleted from the Project pane
    (D) The object\’s property sheet opens

15. Which of the following can a Report Wizard NOT do?
    (A) Add summary functions
    (B) Create groups
    (C) Group fields into more than one Control Layout
    (D) Select fields

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