Microsoft Access MCQ Exam Questions - Set 17 - ObjectiveBooks

Microsoft Access MCQ Exam Questions - Set 17

Practice Test: Question Set - 17

1. When entering field name, how many characters you can type in maximum?
    (A) 60
    (B) 64
    (C) 68
    (D) Any number of characters

2. While creating relationship, when you drag a field of a field to drop into another table the mouse pointer changes into
    (A) A doctor’s sign
    (B) Thin + sign
    (C) Outline rectangle
    (D) None of above

3. If you write criteria values vertically (one in a row) it will mean
    (A) OR conditions
    (B) AND conditions
    (C) NOT condition
    (D) None of above

4. Which of the following is not a database object in MS Access?
    (A) Tables
    (B) Query
    (C) Report
    (D) Relationship

5. A primary key in any table has the properties
    (A) Not Null
    (B) No Duplicates
    (C) Both of above
    (D) None of above

6. A ________ is a unit of information in a ________
    (A) Record, field
    (B) Field, record
    (C) Data source, field
    (D) Record, data source

7. Which of the following is not a view for interacting with a form object?
    (A) Datasheet view
    (B) Design view
    (C) Form view
    (D) Layout view

8. Which criteria do not return the position “Officer” as a match?
    (A) position = “*ff*”
    (B) position = “O??icer”
    (C) position = ” ?ff*”
    (D) position = “O#r”

9. The basic elements of a form or a report are called:
    (A) Controls
    (B) Objects
    (C) Windows
    (D) Properties

10. Which is not a command that is selectable from right click menu of a field column?
    (A) Hide columns
    (B) Rename columns
    (C) Freeze columns
    (D) Sort descending

11. The appropriate Data Type to store Time in MS Access?
    (A) Date/Time
    (B) Time Only
    (C) Time
    (D) Time cannot be stored

12. Primary key is
    (A) Uniquely identifies each record
    (B) Cannot be repeated
    (C) AutoNumber is example of Primary key
    (D) All of the above

13. A collection of related tables is called
    (A) Row
    (B) Record
    (C) Database
    (D) File

14. A(n) _________ is major object that completes an action or a set of actions.
    (A) Event
    (B) Property
    (C) Procedure
    (D) Macro

15. The option group ________ describes the contents of the entire option group.
    (A) Event
    (B) Frame
    (C) Label
    (D) Value

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