Microsoft Access Questions and Answers pdf - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Microsoft Access Questions and Answers pdf - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Both conditions display on the same row in the design grid when ________operator is in use
    (A) OR
    (B) IN
    (C) AND
    (D) LIKE

2. A database can be best described as
    (A) Organized collection of data
    (B) Useful presentation of data
    (C) Graphical representation of data
    (D) All of above

3. Database Management Systems are featured with:
    (A) The facility to easy editing, spelling check, auto pagination, lay out and printing reports
    (B) The ability to store large amount of data to facilitate easy update, sort and retrieval
    (C) The ability to calculate efficiently with the help of built-in functions and analyze
    (D) All of above

4. A composite key is
    (A) Required when a table does not have any unique fields in it
    (B) The primary key with AutoNumber as the field type
    (C) Made up of two or more fields to uniquely identify records
    (D) Is a foreign key that uniquely identifies records

5. In databases, Locking level is also called as
    (A) Granularity
    (B) S lock
    (C) X lock
    (D) Dead lock

6. What do you call a primary key field included in another table?
    (A) Foreign key
    (B) Parent key
    (C) Child key
    (D) Index

7. What is the purpose of indexing?
    (A) To reduce table size
    (B) To speedup data search
    (C) Both A and B
    (D) None of the above

8. What do you call a collection of records matching parameters of a query?
    (A) Field
    (B) Record
    (C) Query
    (D) Dynaset

9. What is the result of ‘Select * from customer where CustID>10 and CustID<100’ query?
    (A) Display all customers with CustID from 10 to 100
    (B) Display all customers with CustID above 10
    (C) Display all customers with CustID below 100
    (D) Display all customers with CustID from 11 to 99

10. After right click the field selector button, which do you choose to delete a field in design view?
    (A) Delete field
    (B) Delete rows
    (C) Remove field
    (D) Remove rows

11. Which control type do you use to create a calculated control?
    (A) Command button
    (B) Combo box
    (C) Text box
    (D) List box

12. In the datasheet formatting dialogue box, which is not an option in the border and line styles dropdown list box?
    (A) Datasheet border
    (B) Datasheet underline
    (C) Column Header underline
    (D) Vertical gridline

13. Which of the following is not a valid Data Type in MS Access?
    (A) Memo
    (B) Picture
    (C) Currency
    (D) AutoNumber

14. In MS Access, which data type is appropriate to store large text and numbers?
    (A) Text
    (B) Memo
    (C) OLE
    (D) Large Text

15. Which of the following is use to view or print the data in organized manner?
    (A) Query
    (B) Report
    (C) Table
    (D) Form

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