Microsoft Access CBT Test Questions - Set 32 - ObjectiveBooks

Microsoft Access CBT Test Questions - Set 32

Practice Test: Question Set - 32

1. In a table, ________(s) are displayed in the order in which they were entered. Most often this order is not useful.
    (A) Formula
    (B) Format
    (C) Layout
    (D) Record

2. The database language that allows you to access or maintain data in a database
    (A) Dcl
    (B) Dml
    (C) Ddl
    (D) None of above

3. You can move between fields in a form by using any of these keys except
    (A) Tab
    (B) Enter
    (C) Shift + tab
    (D) Page up

4. Which of the following terms does not describe a database structure used by a dbms to link data from several files?
    (A) Relational
    (B) Structural
    (C) Network
    (D) All of the above

5. The default and maximum size of text field in Access
    (A) 50 and 255 Characters
    (B) 8 and 1 GB
    (C) 266 characters & 64000 characters
    (D) None of above

6. Which tool is used to generate printout of a table\’s structure?
    (A) Analyzer
    (B) Designer
    (C) Documenter
    (D) Generator

7. A disadvantage to a ________file is that there is no easy way to tell which fields are numbers, text, dates, or currency.
    (A) Standardized
    (B) Fixed
    (C) Delimited
    (D) Text

8. Which of the following best describes the grouped report?
    (A) A part of report that can be generated by the report wizard
    (B) A report that displays data that has been sorted in ascending or descending order
    (C) A report that displays data grouped by fields you specify
    (D) None of a the above

9. Which of the following is a database management system?
    (A) Ms-word
    (B) Lotus 123
    (C) Oracle
    (D) None of above

10. A file containing relatively permanent data is
    (A) Random file
    (B) Transaction file
    (C) Master file
    (D) Sequential file

11. In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called
    (A) Relations
    (B) Domains
    (C) Queries
    (D) All of the above

12. A relational database management (RDBMS) package manages data in more than one file at once. How does it organize these file?
    (A) Tables
    (B) Relations
    (C) Tuple
    (D) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

13. Which of the following database objects asks a question of information in a database and then displays the result?
    (A) Tables
    (B) Reports
    (C) Queries
    (D) Forms

14. Which Form tool creates a new form that show both a form and datasheet views?
    (A) Form
    (B) Form Wizard
    (C) Multiple Item Form
    (D) Split Form

15. In the second sub-form wizard dialog box you specify the table to use as the data source and the
    (A) Records from the selected form
    (B) Form from the selected table
    (C) Fields from the selected table
    (D) Content from the selected form

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