Microsoft Access Viva Questions - Set 15 - ObjectiveBooks

Microsoft Access Viva Questions - Set 15

Practice Test: Question Set - 15

1. Which of the following is a standard file format language for web documents?
    (A) HTML
    (B) XML
    (C) XSD
    (D) XSL

2. If you need a calculation in an unbound control, you can create a custom ________.
    (A) String
    (B) Expression
    (C) Relationship
    (D) Syntax

3. You have a Command button in the Form Footer; you click the Tabular Control Layout; an attached label will be added in what section?
    (A) Detail
    (B) Form Footer
    (C) Form Header
    (D) Page Header

4. Which of the following queries can create a table?
    (A) Append
    (B) Delete
    (C) Make-Table
    (D) Update

5. Any report, including a basic report, can be modified in _________.
    (A) Form View
    (B) Layout View
    (C) Print Preview
    (D) Report View

6. Which Form tool creates a new form that show both a form and datasheet views?
    (A) Form
    (B) Form Wizard
    (C) Multiple Item Form
    (D) Split Form

7. Which of the following statements does NOT hold true for the Top Values property?
    (A) The Top Values property displays only the highest values from the query
    (B) The Top Values property requires the fields to have a defined sort order
    (C) The Top Values property finds a specified number of records
    (D) The Top Values property finds a specified percentage of records

8. Relationships between tables can be graphically viewed in the ________ window.
    (A) Design
    (B) Joins
    (C) Relationships
    (D) Tables

9. Which of the following views displays the field name, description, and properties of a table?
    (A) Datasheet View
    (B) Design View
    (C) Layout View
    (D) Table View

10. The Search tool CANNOT be used on which major Access object?
    (A) Forms
    (B) Queries
    (C) Reports
    (D) Tables

11. Before printing a datasheet, you can use ________ to determine whether to change the page orientation from portrait to vertical orientation.
    (A) Design View
    (B) Datasheet View
    (C) Office View
    (D) Print Preview

12. What is one of the advantages for using a form over other Access objects?
    (A) Utilizes field placement to improve the efficiency of data entry
    (B) Forms store information more efficiently
    (C) Forms show the summary of all the records
    (D) Forms cannot be edited

13. The most open source DBMS.
    (A) Microsoft SQL Server
    (B) Microsoft Access
    (C) MySQL
    (D) Oracle

14. _________ will answer questions you did not think to ask of your data.
    (A) Data mining
    (B) Data extrapolation
    (C) Knowledge discovery
    (D) Data enlightenment

15. SQL stands for _________.
    (A) Standard Query Language
    (B) Structured Query Language
    (C) Simplified Query Language
    (D) Static Query Language

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